5 Rules to Help Your Kids Deal With Your Divorce


Your termination of marriage can affect your kids more than you and your spouse. While the decision of divorce will be of your both, your kids will also face its consequences. During this time, you must pay attention to how your kids are feeling and provide them comfort. Do not confuse them more with your actions and try to give them more time and make them handle things maturely and comfortably. Here are five rules to help your kids deal with your divorce.

Convey your love to your child

Make sure both of you let your kids know that they will always be loved the same even after the divorce. Do not let your kids feel that they are part of the problem. If they feel it is them that caused the trouble, their self-esteem can plummet, and they will develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. Let them know that adults can also make mistakes, and the marriage was a bad decision between you and your partner, and that you regret troubling them for it.

Stay realistic


Keep your conversations realistic with your kids, even when it requires a little sarcasm. Your kids should be able to open up about their feelings with you. Do not let your kids feel sorry for you not to have your partner. Let them know that you are fine and capable of taking care of them. At the same time, avoid sugarcoating your nature and criticizing the other parent for leaving.

Create an alternate arrangement

When your kids do not receive equal time with both the parents, they can start doubting why one of you is missing the appointments. It is important to let them know that even though you or the other parent could not make it to the meeting, it does not mean that they do not love the kids. Talk to your kid and ask them how they feel about their mom/dad not coming to meet them and respond maturely according to the situation.

Cooperate with your partner for meeting schedules

Sometimes it can become hard for the parents to manage time for their kids due to their busy lives. It should not let the kids miss them. If it is necessary, be willing to replan the meets with your ex-spouse so that they or you get enough time to meet the kids. Let the kids know when they will have to wait longer to meet their other parent and ask them to plan something else in the meanwhile.

Aim for peaceful transitions

Avoid fighting in front of your kids, and try to keep your communication peaceful. Every heated conversation in front of the kids can affect their mental health. Also, fighting in front of your kids will make them develop a similar nature that can affect their lives with their partner in the future. Stay polite even when things are not good or take your conversations somewhere else, i.e., the court.

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